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I tidigare inlägg har vi pratat en del om bodelning. Hur det går till, vem som ska göra det och de fyra stegen. Du hittar inlägget här om du vill läsa även det. Idag ska vi gå djupare in på bodelning, men framför allt bodelningsavtal. Vi skriver om det vi anser att du bör kunna, på ett enkelt och mer förståeligt sätt.

Vill du dessutom läsa alla våra tidigare inlägg? Då finner du dessa här och vi lovar, du kommer garanterat att lära dig något nytt! 

Bodelningsavtal juridisk rådgivning

division of property agreement

What does a housing division mean?

Shedding means that divide their property between them. All properties that are included are included in the housing division. How do you know which property is private? Property can be private through marriage or alternatively by gift or will, with the condition that it should be individual property. All other properties are part of the law of goods and must be included in a housing division and shared equally between spouses.

When is a housing division done?

Shedding should be carried out when a marriage ceases, ie either divorce or if one of the spouses goes away. Settlement of divorce can be done when the application for divorce has been registered with the district court. More about the divorce application can be found on the Swedish Courts website, link to which you can find here .

Another possibility is also that the bodela during the marriage whether both spouses agree that it should be done. If, during permanent marriage, you want bodela and make sure that certain property becomes a spouse’s individual property, it is required that the housing contract be supplemented with a marriage contract. We have previously written about prenuptial agreements, please read about it here .

What is a settlement agreement?

In a housing division you can divide the property between you and it is an agreement that shows how the housing division should be done. Shedding is done as we mentioned above in divorce, death or during permanent marriage. Property that can be included in a housing contract is property, car, boat, motorhome, holiday home, money and more. In other words, with the help of a housing division agreement, you can decide how your assets should be allocated to a housing division.

Is there a requirement to have a housing contract?

In the case of a permanent marriage, there is no requirement to establish a housing contract. To do this, both spouses must agree on the division of the property as such. However, the situation looks somewhat different depending on how the current life situation looks.

At a divorce, a settlement agreement must be established in order for the actual divorce to valid. If a formal division of property is not carried out, one spouse may demand that housing division be carried out several years later. If, during divorce, one does not come to an agreement regarding divorce, it will be lawfully implemented, which means that a district divorce officer is selected by the court to help you. The compensation officer of the housing division shares the two spouses.

Shedding during marriage

It is good for bodela without distinction. For example, it is common for spouses not to own their home or holiday home in equal parts and because they are equal in everything. This can be achieved with the help of a housing contract during marriage.

Is it an advantage to establish a housing contract during marriage?

In many marriages, the spouses own different parts of the assets. Whether they own half or different percentages, sometimes spouses want to transfer all or part of the property to the other spouse. For example, property or movable property in the form of a car, boat or other. This can be done through either divorce during marriage, but also by gift. If you want to read more about gift you will find it here .

In the event of a division of the estate during an ongoing marriage, a notification of division of property shall be made to the Swedish Tax Agency, and the settlement agreement shall then be submitted for registration, of which the laughter is voluntary. One reason to submit it may be that the housing contract is then in safe custody and you do not have to be afraid that it will be resolved. Click here to get to the Swedish Tax Agency’s page, where you will find information on how to register for division of property during marriage.

Settlement contract for divorce

When genuine spouses are different, one must first submit an application for divorce to the district court. You can find a link to the application here . After that, you can start both housing division and the establishment of housing division agreements. You can find the requirements for the demerger agreement under the heading ”Requirements for demerger agreement” further down in the post. In case of divorce, it is a strong recommendation to establish a housing division agreement in order for one spouse not to claim a later stage that a housing division has not been made, which can be done several years after the divorce.

If you wish, it is possible to register the demolition agreement, but that is not a requirement. Registration is done at the Tax Agency in what is called the marriage register . When the registration agreement has been registered with the Swedish Tax Agency, a formal division of the estate has been made. If one chooses not to make a formal division of the estate, one of the spouses may request divorce for many years, even if the divorce has gone through.

What husband gets what at a divorce?

At a divorce, the main rule is that the spouses share in the marriage right, which is all assets with the exception of personal belongings, such as clothing and jewelry. If the spouses have a marriage contract, the assets shall be allocated in accordance with it.

In a housing division, all assets are owned by a marriage agreement, gift or will, with the condition that the property should be individual property, included in the housing division.

Individual property vs poison goods

The main rule is that when entering into a marriage, all property, including such property, is acquired before the marriage’s incoming joint property becomes. Individual property is the property that is explicitly individual property, which can be done in two ways. Either it is individual property through eg inheritance, will or gift. There may also be private property for the contract, which you can read here .

In other words, the spouse may retain individual property during a possible divorce without being shared as the poison law goods do. Anything that has been made must be included in the housing division and the legal goods are the common property that the spouses had when the application for divorce was made.

What happens to debts during divorce?

Each spouse is responsible for their own debts, one spouse cannot be held responsible for the other spouse’s debts. When you settle, the spouses are allowed to retain as much of their assets as they have in debts before they are put together, so the value of the debt is deducted from the value of the assets. What has just been said applies only to what is to be included in the housing division, that is to say, married property goods and not individual property.

At minus amount

If a spouse were to land on a minus amount because the value of the debt is higher than the value of the assets, it will ultimately be zero. A spouse can therefore never end up on an amount on the minus side. In such cases, you will instead divide the assets that the other spouse has added to the housing division.

Request divorce after divorce?

As mentioned above, it is possible for spouses to request housing division long after divorce, even several years after. If it goes too long, however, one can lose the possibility of demanding housing division. According to practice, which includes, for example, customary or previously settled court cases, 24 years is considered too long and then the right to bodela has been lost.

Shedding when having a marriage contract?

If you have agreed by marriage agreement that all property is individual property or that by inheritance or gift is individual property, and that there is no poison right, you do not need bodela. However, this may still be seen as a very unusual scenario.

In some cases, the bank may demand that you be able to present a housing division agreement in order for the bank to be able to grant a new mortgage loan after a divorce, even in cases where there is a marriage agreement that shows that all property should be individual property.


The spouses are allowed to choose the valuation method to be used for their property. The most common and most suitable is to value based on what is called market value. This means what the property would cost it if you sell it in its existing condition, ie in the condition it is in now. At a housing division, the spouses may choose to also weigh in the emotional value, which means that some property may have a higher emotional value for them than the actual market value. For example, the spouses may have received a gift that is of great importance to both, but who do not possess a large market value. In some cases it may increase the value of the valuation.

When will a settlement agreement be valid?

Shedding that is done during the marriage is valid only when it is registered in the marriage register with the Tax Agency. However, the housing contract does not need to be registered, but it becomes valid at the time of the spouse’s signature.

In cases where divorce is made in connection with divorce, the settlement agreement becomes valid at the spouses’ signature. Registration of housing contract with the Swedish Tax Agency is not mandatory, but it is quite possible to do so if you so wish. Unlike housing division during an ongoing marriage, housing division does not need to be reported to the Swedish Tax Agency before it is made.

Is a housing contract binding?

Landlining agreements are binding between the parties. This means that one spouse cannot unilaterally change the settlement agreement, as it is an agreement between the two. As much else in the law, however, there are exceptions to this rule, if there is any particular reason, the housing division agreement can be invalidated.

What does it cost to hire a landlord?

You apply for divorce attorneys at the district court, which charges a fee of SEK 900. In addition, the district commissioner is entitled to compensation for work and costs. The main rule is that the parties pay half the costs for the district governor’s costs as they have a joint and several liability for payment. The joint and several liability for payment means that the spouses have a joint cost responsibility; the landlord may demand payment from one of the spouses and thereafter the paying spouse may turn to the other spouse to claim half the cost.

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